Spiral coil calculator

Here you can calculate the inductance for a given size of a spiral coil wound in one layer. It is optional to add the capacitance for f.ex. a primary tank capacitor or topload capacitance to find the resonant frequency of the LC circuit.

The formulas used to derive the inductance is simplified and correct to within 1%. Source “Harold A. Wheeler, “Simple Inductance Formulas for Radio Coils,” Proceedings of the I.R.E., October 1928, pp. 1398-1400.”

Switch between the input fields to automatically calculate the values.

Number of turns Turns
Inner diameter mm
Wire diameter mm
Turn spacing mm
Outer diameter mm
Wire length m
Inductance uH
Optional extra f.ex. tank capacitance size
Capacitance nF
Resonant frequency kHz

Formulas used

Outer diameter = inner diameter + ( 2 * number of turns * ( wire diameter + wire spacing))

Wire length = ((Pi * number of turns * (outer diameter + inner diameter)) / 2) / 1000

Width w = ((wire diameter / 25.4) + (wire spacing / 25.4)) * number of turns
Radius r = ((inner diameter / 25.4) + w) / 2
Inductance = (radius^2 * number of turns^2) / (8 * radius + 11 * width)

Resonant frequency = (1 / (2 * pi * sqrt((inductance / 1000000) * (capacitance / 1000000000)))) / 1000

7 Responses to Spiral coil calculator

  1. Miguel says:

    Thank you thank you

  2. rubashka says:

    i have a inductor how can i mak it?

    L: 1.5 / 3mm 0.5CU 2.5 mm

  3. Mads Barnkob says:

    Hi rubashka

    Could you please describe in more details what it is you need.

    Kind regards

  4. David says:

    Hello, I found this page through a Google search. Very informative. I do have one question, how do you arrive at inductance from the equation: (radius^2 * number of turns^2) / (8 * radius + 11 * width) when there is no permeability units in the formula? I get the same answer you do, but the units are in meters, not henries.

    Thank you for your time,

  5. Mads Barnkob says:

    Hi David

    The formula is a simple approximation as described first in the article.

    Permeability is in it, but only for air cored copper coils, this is all a part of Harolds work, he made it simple so you only have to put in some physical dimensions to get a estimated inductance.

    Kind regards

  6. Iyad says:

    Hi there,
    I have 5 turns
    inner diameter is : 18 mm
    wire diameter is :0.2 mm
    turn spacing is : 10 mm
    outer diameter is : 52 mm
    wire length : 0.5 meters
    The capacitance I use is : 1.36 micro farad .
    I could not change the value of outer dimater here so please tell me what is the inductance value.
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Mads Barnkob says:

    Hi Iyad

    The outer diamter is calculated from inner diameter + number of turns (distance), so you should not put that value in, it is calculated.

    Judging from your numbers and the picture, something is not right.

    Kind regards

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