100$ Thermal Camera With 32x32 Pixel. HTi HT-02D Unboxing And Test

100$ Thermal Camera With 32×32 Pixel. HTi HT-02D Unboxing And Test

There is a huge difference from the very cheap 8×8 pixel thermal cameras, to the 32×32 and up to the 160×120++. The price seems to quadruple with the pixel count. In this video I am testing the HTi HT02D Thermal camera that I was able to get at 100$ on offer. This is not a paid/non-paid advertisement, my own money, test and conclusion.

Best bet to find these at a decent price is to run through ebay and send off a lot of “make offer” of 100$ on the 150-200$ auctions. But is it worth it? Lets find out!

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