10 kW Sirio 10000P Solar Inverter Teardown

Teardown of a Sirio 10000P solar inverter designed in Italy and made in Taiwan. A extremely heavy and well built power house. Full of TO-264 sized IGBTs and a giant single PCB layout for the inverters.

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Sirio 10000P parts, PCB, IGBTs and controller

The inverter is still available from the manufacturer, Aros solar technology. I found it to be very heavy and hard to handle, with its 37 kg in a enclosure that measures 444 x 151 x 584 mm.

The power electronics are all on a single large PCB. All other modules like mains filter, controller, drivers and house keeping power supplies are smaller boards connected to the large one. Either through cables or being soldered directly to the board through pin headers.

Firstly the solar panel to DC link inverter uses 3 legs of 2 Fairchild FGL40N120 IGBTs in parallel and a Fairchild RHRG75120 ultra fast diode . This is from the 3 solar panel array strings. Secondly the output inverter uses 3 legs of 4 Fairchild FGL40N120 IGBTs in parallel. This is for a 3 phase output of 400 VAC 50 Hz. Thirdly the DC link consists of 2×6 Nippon Chemi-con 450V 680 uF electrolytic capacitors. They are in series/parallel, for a total of 4080 uF at 900V..

The mains filter is very thoroughly made. It uses MKP capacitors, multiply 3 phase inductors, ceramic capacitors, MOVs, resistors and 3 phase unbalanced current detection.

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