Lightnovo Raman Spectrometer Demonstration At Roskilde Festival 2022

At Roskilde Festival 2022 I met 3 Ukrainian startup company scientists from the company Lightnovo. They are based in Denmark, where they have all been working at DTU. They had their product MiniRaman Spectrometer with them, for demonstration of liquid and powder identification, for a live audience at the CERN / Niels Bohr Institute place at the festival, the Science Pavilion.

The MiniRaman Spectrometer is a handheld device with battery, Bluetooth connection and a Android tablet with application. It is able to recognize virtually all substances based on their database and research, from shining a laser at the target. More technical details can be found at their website:

If you are interested in learning more about laser spectrometers like HPLC and Gas chromatography, check out some of the teardown videos I have also made.

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