Video gear & workflow: Canon 5D mk3, RødeLink, FPS1000HD and more

A walk-through and demonstration of all my video gear and audio equipment that I use for YouTube videos.

First, I use a Canon 5D mk III DSLR for high resolution photo and FHD video recording. Secondly, I use a Sony Xperia ZX Premium smartphone for recording close-up video and time lapses. Thirdly, I use a FPS1000HD camera, known from a infamous Kickstarter campaign which has more details here: FPS1000HD High Speed Camera. This can record slow motion video between 1000 to 20000 frames per second.

I use a Zoom H2n external microphone for recording ambient sounds. For recording my own voice, I use a RødeLink wireless microphone.

I hope this inspired you, to what productions you can make with similar video gear and audio equipment. Community gathered information and knowledge about the FPS1000HD camera:

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