My Equipment

Here is a list of the different electrical equipment I have in my possession.

Power Supplies

Likriktare ESP630, 2 – 57 VDC 25 A

Danica dual 0-30 VDC 2 A bench power supply


0 – 230 V, 12A, housed, single phase

0 – 260 V, 8A, housed with Volt/Ampere meters, single phase

0 – 230 V, 6A, housed stack of 3 for 400 V in Delta connection, three phased

0 – 230 V, 25A, housed stack of 3 with motor control for 400 V in Delta connection, three phased


Application BS-310S, 2 channel, 15 MHz, dual trace, analog

Rigol DS1054Z, 4 channel, 50 MHz (upgraded to 100 MHz), digital storage oscilloscope

Oscilloscope related equipment

Tektronix P5200 differential probe

Tektronix A6909, 2 channel high voltage isolator

Pearson Current monitor model 110 (5 kA)

Pearson Current monitor model 101 (50 kA)

Ion Physics Current Monitor (100 kA)

Signal generators

Hewlett Packard 3310A Function generator

Hewlett Packard 3325A Synthesizer / function generator

Other test equipment

Hewlett Packard 8903A Audio Analyzer

uTracer3 vacuum tube / valve tester

Handheld 30kV analouge voltmeter


Fluke 8842A table multimeter

Fluke  117 True RMS multimeter

Elma BM805 Digital Multimeter

LCR Meter, cheapest I could find off of Ebay, good accuracy to the price.


Weller WECP-20 soldering iron

5 thoughts on “My Equipment”

  1. I’ve been considering getting a Rigol DS1052e myself.

    How is your experience with this device?

    Did you do the mod for 100MHz?

  2. I am very satisfied with the physical quality and speed of the scope, compared with brand scopes with the same specifications, its a bargain to the price.

    Only downside I have encountered is the save data on a USB pen drive, it only works with certain USB pens and is not really reliable, only toyed with it once and left it since.

    I mostly work below 1 MHz, so I have no need to mod the scope 🙂

  3. The Rigol DS1052E is a fantastic piece of equipment to have! I don’t have any problems with the USB interface of it, all of my USB’s worked on it so far 🙂

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