Siemens Simatic S5-110 PLC CPU Explodes in Slow Motion 1000fps

A pulse discharge with a peak current of 50,000 Ampere is send through a Siemens Simatic S5-110 PLC CPU. The S5 series was released in 1979 with the 110 CPU being in the middle of the CPU range. I have spent countless hours on factory floors with my Siemens laptop, the FIELD PG, troubleshooting and programming this PLCs. PG is short for the German word “PROGRAMMIER GERÄT” which is a programming device. I am tearing a hole in the universe, to bring my old fond memories back, by utilizing a super hot plasma discharge to eject the EEPROM!

This pulse discharge video is a part of a series of explosive videos that are all posted and discussed here.

The high voltage pulse capacitor bank, charger and trigger mechanism can be found with pictures, more videos and schematics here.

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