Online design tools for Tesla coils

The absolute best and most helpful tool to check and compute your design is JavaTC. It is invaluable when you have to tune your Tesla coil for the first time.

MMC calculator that can be used to calculate the tank capacitor design for DRSSTCs.

Online circuit simulator, Paul Falstad’s analogue circuit simulator as an java applet. It does have a simplified model of a spark gap Tesla coil.

2 thoughts on “Online design tools for Tesla coils”

  1. Daniel Nauke

    I would like to build the Staccato circuit for my VTTC (from information Unlimited VACTESLA10) On your Staccato circuit the signal out ends with a 100ohm resistor in series – does that go directly to the gate of the Triac? (in my case a Q6008L5), or do you suggest it go to a transistor or opto before the Triac gate for isolation and protection?

    Also you show a circuit design that looks like you may have used Expresspcb? Am I correct? Do you give out this circuit file? No problem if you don’t I can make my own from the schematic. You prefer the modified circuit without a polarity switch?
    Thanks for your help


  2. Hi Daniel

    Yes, the 100R is the gate resistor for the SCR, I incorporated the Staccato controller in the cabinet of the Tesla coil, so no further isolation was needed.

    As you can see here, , I made the circuit on veroboard and merely used the PCB layout to have the “lines” of the very board to design it on, I would not recommend getting this layout manufactured as the layout and component sizes was based on what I had available. I added the files in the schematic section of the VTTC1 article, hope you can use them!

    Kind regards

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