Where To Get “Free” TO-247 IGBTs and MOSFETs

A look at a box of IGBTs and MOSFETs that I have salvaged from household electronics like microwave ovens, induction stoves, solar inverters, welding machines, car and battery charges and other common high power electronics with switching inverters.

The TO-247 IGBTs can be used in a DRSSTC Tesla Coil using the free half- and full-bridge inverter PCB designs here. If you like to see some larger IGBTs, check out where I salvaged large IGBT bricks from Industrial equipment.

Mads Barnkob

Electrician, programmer, experimenter and amateur scientist with experience in industry automation, programming and all kinds of high voltage generating electronics. Administrator of https://kaizerpowerelectronics.dk and the high voltage community forum https://highvoltageforum.net

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