DIY 30W LED Work Lamp From a Discarded Street Light

I found a discarded street light head at a scrap yard and wanted to give it a new life instead of being shredded.

Re-use, re-purpose or re-invent. Do not just throw out stuff, see if you can use it in another way. The Earth Overshoot Day is something to take seriously.

The original lamp design is with 6 LED PCB strips sitting on a aluminium hexagon core for cooling. With reflectors for each LED. The driver is a high quality multipurpose use driver that has bus connections for intelligent lighting control.

The driver uses a Atmel AT90PWM316 controller. Besides being a regular AVR 8-bit Microcontroller with
16K Bytes In-System Programmable Flash, it has built-in Three 12-bit High Speed PSC (Power Stage Controllers). This is a controller built specifically for power supply designs. But still has the freedom of a regular freely programmable device.

In my rebuild version I am using the driver, LED strips, two aluminium panels from a base station amplifier and a piece of acrylic plastic from a LED computer monitor. Even screws are reused from teardown equipment.

Mads Barnkob

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