Teardown of a 5 kVA / 4 kW Eaton EX5RT UPS System

Teardown of a Eaton EX RT 5 kVA UPS model. The topology is a on-line double conversion with PFC (Power Factor Correction). The system is rated for a active power output of 5 kVA / 4 kW. I have also other teardown videos of 20 kVA UPS, 30 kVA UPS or even up to 60 kVA UPS systems!

A over view of the whole UPS unit with battery charger and input plug/disconnector section.

The input section has all the common/differential mode noise filtering with inductors and capacitors as normally seen in inverters. Varistors and TVS diodes to handle transient voltages.

The PFC frontend after the input section consists of a half-bridge SCR module, a Semikron SKKT 57B12E, rated for 1200 VDC at 57 Ampere.

The main inverter consists of a AC to DC converter and a DC to AC converter with the battery bank in the middle as the DC bus.

Infinion K25N120 IGBTs is used in the AC to DC inverter and Infinion G30N60 IGBTs is used in the DC to AC converter.

The controller is a Nxp Freescale MC9S12-family CPU. All MC9S12C-Family / MC9S12GC-Family members feature standard on-chip peripherals. Including a 16-bit central processing unit (CPU12). Up to 128K bytes of Flash EEPROM. Up to 4K bytes of RAM. An asynchronous serial communications interface (SCI). A serial peripheral interface (SPI). An 8-channel 16-bit timer module (TIM). A 6-channel 8-bit pulse width modulator (PWM). An 8-channel, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

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