Yearly Battery Check – My 2021 New Year Resolution.

My 2021 New Year resolution is to do annual battery checks on all my battery powered instruments. I found batteries as old as 13 years over expiration date that had also started to leak, but much less defective batteries than expected.

Thank you for following Kaizer Power Electroncis in 2020. See’ya next year!

Checking your batteries is important, not matter what kind of instrument or equipment you are powering. It is especially the low power devices that risk taking damage from leaking batteries as batteries are exchanged very rarely. So there can easily go 15-20 years between a battery change is needed due to low power.

The oldest batteries I found in my equipment was from 2007, 2012 and 2014. The rest of them had expiring dates between 2018 to 2020. Some to 2022 and a single one of them all the way up to 2027!

If you are interested in much larger batteries, you should check out my teardown videos on huge UPS systems. I have 20 kVA UPS systems, 30 kVA UPS systems and even up to 60 kVA UPS systems teardown articles and videos.

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