Philips PCR Eleva S, X-ray Image Scanner Teardown

This is a complete teardown of a Philips / Fujifilm PCR Eleva S x-ray image scanner system. Full of stepper motors, laser stuff and photomultiplier tube!

If you are specifically interested in x-ray equipment and x-ray image scanners, you are in luck. I have done numerous teardowns and reverse-engineering videos on this kind of equipment. You can find all the x-ray related teardown articles and videos in the complete list of teardowns.

What is inside a Philips PCR Eleva S

The machine is built on a common frame, that can take different modules. The modules used will depend on the machine configuration. There is clearly some parts, that are only half, to one third, populated and therefore it tells us it is a expandable design.

The Frame 820Y0245 hosts the Cassette Set Unit 808Y0077, Erasure Unit 840Y0104, Side-positioning conveyor 808Y0313, Subscanning Unit 808Y0308

The system is built up on Altera Flex (EPF6016QC208-2N), Altera Cyclone (EP1C12Q240C8N) and Altera Max (EPM7128SQC160-10N) CPLDs. CPLD is a Complex Programmable Logic Devices and is a sort of device that is one step closer to the hardware layer, than a FPGA.

The scanner and main computer consists of the boards SCN023A, SCN023B and SCN023C. Part of the assembly group 113Y100212. Everything is powered by the PSU23A module, part number 125N0134 / SFX-PS326 from Suzuka Fuji Xerox Co. LTD.

The stepper motor driver boards are part of the assembly group 113Y1758 with boards SND23A and SND23B. The stepper motor drivers are Sanyo STK672-050 packages.

There is 4 identical stepper motors from SHINANO KENSHI, model STP-59D3002, with properties 1.1Ω 1.8°/step is certainly reuseable for other projects. The small diaphragm vacuum pump and DC gear motors can also come in handy for fun stuff.

The harddisk was destroyed with a hammer, while the PC was running. To my big surprise it actually took a while for Windows to realize that the drive was bend 45 degrees. I eventually had to command the machine to reboot in order to get it to trigger on a faulty harddisk.

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