How to build a Tesla Coil. Design, Theory and Compromises!

A live broadcast with focus on h ow to build a Tesla Coil, designing Tesla coils, with special focus on the DRSSTC topology. Frequently Asked Questions about the Tesla coil theory and design tools is answered to my best knowledge 🙂

Learn how to build your own Tesla coil and how to make it play music through a MIDI interrupter that can connect a computer to your Tesla coil in order to play music from just the sparks alone. It can be a hard start to build a Tesla coil if you have no prior experience in doing so, I recommend that you watch my video on how I learned to build Tesla coils and the history of how I started by building small Tesla coils up to my very large Tesla coil that can make 4 meter long sparks and play music while doing so.

Besides the guide that I have listed here above, I have also developed a good deal of tools that can help you design and check if your components can be used in a Tesla coil. It is important to stay within the physical and electrical limits of the components, else you are at great risk of damaging them due to Tesla coils pushing the components beyond their specifications in order to get the longest sparks for the least amount of money.

DRSSTC design guide:

MMC calculator:
Helical coil calculator:
Spiral coil calculator:
Gate drive calculator:
Snubber capacitor calculator:

Helical, spiral and topload calculators:

SSTC theory:

JavaTC, best Tesla coil calculator around:

GDT design:
GDT troubleshooting:

Steve Ward Universal Driver 1.3:
Steve Ward Universal Driver 2.1b:

Steve Ward:
Mads Barnkob:

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