Huawei RRU3928 1800MHz radio base station teardown (part 1 of 2)

The RRU3928 is an outdoor remote radio unit. It processes baseband and RF signal data. With the Software Defined Radio (SDR)technology, the RRU3928 supports the dual-mode operation of any two modes of GSM, UMTS, and LTE through software configuration modification. RRU3928 has a dual-transmitter and dual-receiver structure, which supports higher output power and carrier capacity.

It can f.ex. do 6x GSM carriers at each 10 Watt and 1x LTE carrier at 2×10 Watt or 4x GSM carrier at each 10 Watt and 2x UMTS carriers at 2×20 Watt.

This video is the teardown and you can check out part 2, which is the circuit analysis video, here. If you like to read and discuss about electronics, you should check out the High Voltage Forum at

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