Large Tesla Coil – Kaizer DRSSTC 3 – FULL POWER 19 kW!

We had a good session with the Large Tesla Coil. Trying out some different interrupters, targets and lighting around the coil, for filming. Darkness did however surprise us a bit and it was hard to adjust lighting and run the coil at once, so a bit noise filled videos.

The future holds a collaboration with ChaosEngine and where we will combine art and electricity in some way

It was most of the time pulling around 5-10 kW, peaked out at 19kW with a quite insane BPS that I quickly turned down again as the 3 meter sparks was turning into a flame, it had that flicking change in sound as when sparks goes into full plasma flame. The measurements in the video is from a Merlin Gerin PM700 power meter. All Kaizer DRSSTC 3 construction, schematics, details and pictures:

The Large Tesla Coil was, the whole time, fed through the 3 Phase 400 VAC 6 A Variac Stack With Voltage/Current Meters ( ) which did not even get warm to the touch.

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