Philips Medio 50 kW CP-H X-ray Control Desk Teardown

I found a complete Philips Medio 50 CP-H system consisting of 2 meter tall 19″ rack with computer, driver, inverter and high voltage tank. Dual X-ray tube head rated for 150 kV and a control desk. It was only possibly for me to take the control desk with me. No effort was done for the driver, inverter and high voltage tank, as it was from the 1990’s and SCR based inverter design.

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Philips Medio 50 CP-H X-ray System

The list was still attached inside the cabinet and thus we know all the Philips part numbers and components of the system. System origin date is 27th June 1992 and it was tested before shipping on the 10th September 1992.

  • Item 9803 423 21102 Base of Medio 50 CP-H, 2 Tubes
    • Part 501B 4512 103 77017 Base of Medio 50/65 CP-H
    • Part 521C 4512 104 31241 HV-Transformer 50/65kW CP-H
    • Part 566B 4512 103 74571 Housing parts 19″ 40E cabinet
  • Item 9803 901 87022 Firmware Medio 50 CP-H R.7
    • Part 507 4512 114 07272 Firmware Medio CP-H Basis R.7
    • Part 508 4512 114 07373 Firmware Medio 50 CP-H 50kW
  • Item 9803 605 71002 Operating Panel 2X6M W.APRT
    • Part 105 4512 103 73714 Operating Panel 2X6M W.APRT
    • Part 112 4512 114 10106 Firmw.F.Operating Panel 2X6M
  • Item 9803 506 61002 Amplimat 20
    • Part 026 4512 103 70455 Amplimat
  • Item 9803 429 90202 Rotor Control SRO for Med.CP-H
    • Part 517A 4512 103 76904 M02 Rotor Control SRO for Med.CP-H
  • Item 9803 605 30002 Tabletop Operating Desk 2X6M
    • Part 157 4512 103 73351 Tabletop Operating Desk 2X6M

The X-ray tube seems to be a separate delivery as its not mentioned in the shipping list of the system. The Tube housing assembly with 2 X-ray tubes is marked 150 kV and Item type 9806 206 11102. Manufactured June 1998. As X-ray heads are a wear part of the system, it is normal that the heads are much newer than the rest of the system.

Inside the Control Desk

The control desk uses three types of illumination and three types of input buttons. The large display uses 8-segment LED for alphanumeric presentation and regular LEDs for symbols. The input buttons uses incandescent small signal lamps. The secret keyboard with numbers 1-9 uses small signal LEDs. The X-ray activation buttons are double action with two switches that has to be actuated in sequence.

The input voltage to the control desk is given as 40 VDC in the service manual. It has its own dual output internal power supply, one for all the illumination and one for the controller. The powering of the lamps seems to be a matrix driven in multiplex mode. As the amount of power resistors and output transistors is less than the amount of signal lamps.

The CPU of the Philips Medio 50 CP-H control desk is a Siemens SAB8085A, 8-bit microprocessor, running at 5 MHz, with serial in/out port and up to 64K RAM. All inputs and outputs are handled by three Calmos CA82C55A programmable peripheral interfaces. Communication between CPU and PPI is handled by a Philips SCN2651. It is a Programmable Communications Interface, running a internal serial bus at 19200 baud rate.

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