Fujifilm PMT26A Photomultiplier Tube Reverse Engineering

The Fujifilm PMT26A photomultiplier tube module came from a teardown. The teardown of a Philips / Fujifilm PCR Eleva S / CR-IR 357 X-ray image scanner for computed radiography, became the basis for this reverse engineering project. You can see the teardown of the entire Fujifilm PCR Eleva S machine here. Teardown of the polygon laser scanner module here.

Read the full article ( https://kaizerpowerelectronics.dk/high-voltage/fujifilm-pmt26a-photomultiplier-tube/ ) which covers the reverse engineering of the Fujifilm PMT26A PMT module. The module contains the photomultiplier tube, high voltage power supply and analog amplifier.

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