Nokia Siemens Flexi 3x90W FXEB 1800MHz Base Station Teardown: Power Amplifier (Part 1 of 2)

Teardown of a Nokia Siemens Networks Flexi Multiradio base station. This have been in service as a 3 antenna system for mobile telecommunications.

GSM/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA and LTE capable. 3×90 Watt output power.

All high resolution pictures will be published with part 2 : Nokia Siemens Flexi 3x90W FXEB 1800MHz base station teardown: Power amplifier (part 2 of 2)

Specifications of the Flexi RF Module Triple (FXxx)

The Flexi Multiradio Radio Frequency Module (FXxx) or RF Module, is a 3-branch multicarrier,multi-standard radio transceiver module. The module consists of three independent branches, capable of transmitting and receiving signals of multiple radio technologies concurrently:

    Up to 6 GSM carriers with 400 KHz minimum carrier separation.
    Up to 4 WCDMA carriers with 4.6 MHz minimum carrier separation.
    Multi-carrier LTE signal with 1.4 MHz, 3 MHz, 5 MHz, 10 MHz, 15 MHz, 20 MHz, and 35 MHz carrier bandwidth.
    Multi RAT operation with combination of GSM, WCDMA, and LTE.

The RF Modules FXDA, FXDJ, FXEA, FXCA, and FXFA/ FXFB are referred to as 70W RF Module variants. RF Modules FXEB and FXDB are referred to as 90 W RF Module variants. Each branch consists of a transmitter and two receiver chains. FXxA and FXFB (70W) variants have front end software tunable filters (STuF). 90 W RF Module variants have fixed full band filters. FXxx is a 3U high module with an integrated, replaceable 3-fan assembly for module cooling. The supported functions are:

    Chaining up to three RF Modules with OBSAI RP3_01.
    2-way receive diversity in the receiver chains.
    Integrated antenna line supervision.
    MHA, Antenna Hopping, EGPRS2, and VAMOS support.
    Digital and control circuitry, optical interface, DC/DC power conversion, and other necessary functionalities.
    Integrated DC line OVP, Class II rated to 5kA pulse (FXFB, FXDB/FXEB).
    Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) support (FXFB, FXDB/FXEB).

Other Flexi Multiradio models

Flexi Multiradio BTS GSM/EDGE modules are equipped with an integrated air guide plate providing full thermal compliance without casings. This allows installation of the modules without casings in Flexi cabinets and enclosed 19″ racks. Casings and covers are recommended in standalone 19″ racks (no cabinet) for safety reasons. Casings are not part of the FXxx delivery package. If the configuration requires casings, Flexi BTS Module Casing (EMHA) kits must be ordered.

The Flexi Multiradio RF Module variants are:
Version    Description
FXDA     GSM 900 (E-GSM) 70W
FXDJ     GSM 900 J-Band (P-GSM for CDMA co-siting) 70W
FXEA     GSM 1800 70W
FXCA     GSM 850 70W
FXDB     GSM 900 (E-GSM) 90W
FXEB     GSM 1800 90W

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