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Published October 22, 2009. Updated January 17, 2021. What is triboluminescence? Triboluminescence is the name of the optical phenomenon when asymmetrical crystal bonds are broken in f.ex. the glue that keeps envelopes closed, the light...

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Homopolar motor

Homopolar motor
What is a homopolar motor? The name means that the electrical polarity of the motor never changes. The axis of the rotating part of the motor is parallel to the magnetic field from the permanent...

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Radiation monitoring

Live measurements: Odense, Denmark. Counts per minute, interval over 2 days. Status: Idle   Measuring background radiation with 22 CPM, the standard deviation is 3 times the square root of the count, which makes the...

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4 thoughts on “Everyday Science

  1. Hello,
    A few years ago i bought this box in a second hand shop in Bogense. So far i was not able to find out the overall purpose and schematics. It is said to be a school project.
    PCB’s are manufactured in denmark by BB electronics. They don’t respond to any queries. Can anybody give me some information

    power supply

  2. Hey W. J. Hos

    You asked the right guy, I used to have one just like it 🙂

    From the left it has a thermometer, internal and external as far as I remember.

    In the middle is a radio and alarm clock.

    On the right is a small laboratory power supply and selector switch to the different modules.

    I no longer have mine, so I can not help you much more than that.

    Kind regards

  3. Good evening,
    I had figured out the different functions, but was wondering about the function of the several PCB’s with a lot of wire links and zero ohm resistors. Everything is working, the different functions can operate simultaniously. I had hoped some schematics would come up, because i am not going to reverse engineer it. I bought it for about
    € 3,-, mainly because of the cabinet. The parts alone (trafo, voltage reg. meter. clock etc are of more value, let alone the cabinet) Anyway thanks for your info.

    W.J. Hos

  4. Hey W. J. Hos

    As it is a training exercise to solder all this together and get it working, on the study as a electronics mechanic or similar education, there could be some dummy prints that are simply one long series connection of different parts, where it only works if put together correctly.

    Kind regards

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