Tube Amplifier and Projects Progress Report #1

Its been too quiet for a long while, so here is a progress report on a few of the projects!

The 2x 30W EL34 tube amplifier is sitting on the work desk with around 120 wires sticking out from sockets and print boards. Wiring it up correctly with minimizing magnetic fields from heater wires takes longer than expected.

A coil winder for the 160 mm diameter secondary coil for the DRSSTC have been constructed. It is utilizing a geared motor with a variable frequency drive to control the speed and ramp torque. This coming weekend will be used for winding the 2200 windings of 0.25 mm copper wire and varnishing the coil.

More 25 mm diameter brass material is in the house, so the last fittings for the capacitors, resistors and spark gaps for the 600kV Marx generator will be turned on the lathe in the coming weekend while the varnish is drying.

This is it for now, check back for updates or new articles 🙂

Mads Barnkob

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