Teardown of a Eaton PowerWare 60kVA UPS system

This is the teardown of a large 2x 60 kVA Eaton UPS system, first is the teardown video and below are some pictures and a little description of the components.

Here is a picture of a single 60 kVA system installed with battery and inverter cabinets

I am not quite sure if this was really a 60 kVA or a 90 kVA unit, as the cabinet had both stickers on it.

The cabinets were unfortunately badly damaged from crane handling when they were thrown out into the junk yard. I managed to scavenge input rectifier, capacitor bank and 5 inverters from the system.

The inverter boards consisted of 10x FS35R12W1T4 IGBT 3-phase full-bridge modules, 6 of them used for the output and 4 of them for the intermediate / battery charge inverters.  For details of the boards see the video at the top.

The inverter boards were pure with only IGBT and DC bus capacitors, so they are suitable for hacking into something else, maybe it is just the relatively low 70 A peak current handling of the modules that limits its use for other applications.

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