Power Vacuum, Radio and Electron Tubes – Isolation, Day 7

A talk about various power vacuum, radio or electron tubes, depending on what you like to call them. Triodes, Tetrodes and Pentodes in a range from 10 to 800 Watt plate dissipation.

PL36, EL34, 6P45S, PB2/200, PB2/250, QB3/300, 250TH, QB5/2000, TG1-2,5/4 and TG1-700/25

2x 30W EL34 Amplifier: https://kaizerpowerelectronics.dk/audio/2x30w-el34-tube-amplifier/

1x 50W 6P45S Amplifier: https://kaizerpowerelectronics.dk/audio/100w-6p45s-monoblock-tube-amplifier/

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