FPS1000HD high speed camera unboxing and first impressions

I ordered the FPS1000 platinum back in April 2015 on kickstarters backerkit site, then in March decided to upgrade to the platinum double.

Fast forward 1½ years and the projects stalls, a new kickstarter for the FPS1000HD was started (which was a new name for the platinum double), it was offered to get a refund or camera from the original kickstarter, but only when time and money in the company allowed for it. I chose to get the camera and now I have it!

First impressions on a camera that I can not yet turn on.
– Looks and feels good
– Stock lens seems a little too cheap, but that is just from looking at it, no idea about actual performance
– The back cover plastic part around the LCD has sharp edges all around it, sharp enough to give a cut in the finger :(
– The screws mounting the fans on the front is not aligned with the surface of the front plate, so they go above the surface and can get stuck in things since its concave heads
– Manual is missing more specific information, especially on what power adapter to use and what kind of power plug it actually has!
– There really should have been a power supply with it, it is a expensive product and the hassle with finding a suitable one already set me back one power supply not usable since I just had to guess on the jack size from pictures.


Above is a new video with a explanation of the setup I have used with the camera and what my first impressions are so far.

I have used the stock 35mm lens a couple of times, but most of the time I find it much better to use my huge Ernitec F1.8 16-160mm lens, it does however has it limits as it can not focus below 50 mm, but this is not really a practical issue as it is used for gaining a lot of range to whatever it is I am filming, this is nice if its explosions or electrical discharges.

Battery life is around 1 hour as expected, get a fast charger! USB chargers are simply too slow for 2500mA batteries.

Reading the manual is a must (I never thought I should say that) as the user interface is not intuitive when it comes to the advanced commands.

The PC software is simple but does its job very well, after I got a USB3 cable there will be no more saving data to SD card unless I am forced to do that, the transfer speed of the USB3 is about 100 times greater!

I just need 3 things. Light, light and more light

2 thoughts on “FPS1000HD high speed camera unboxing and first impressions”

  1. Hi

    I was wondering whether you still have a copy of the GUI that was used to control this camera with a computer, if so can I please get a copy of it.


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