How To Build Flight Case and Transport Box

Building large flight cases and transport boxes is easy and much cheaper than buying them. Hinges, locks, fittings and aluminum rails is readily available at almost all audio / light retailers of equipment for disco, clubs and festivals. I share the tips on how to construct it in a simple way. While still make sure you get parallel edges that looks good when the box and lid is locked together. With so many different rails, hinges and locking mechanisms, it is easy to make a mistake. It sucks to mount something off-center or with distances that does not take aluminum rail thickness into account.

In this video I show you how I built 3 boxes in total at a cost of around 500$. Two are very large flight cases for my large Tesla coil secondary coil and topload. The third box is a cable and equipment box. It is just made from the leftover plywood from the two large cases.

A spreadsheet for weight calculation, total cost and discussion of flight case building can be found as a attachment via the link. The stencil template that I use for the spray paint text / logo is another project of mine. I show How To Make a Stencil For Spray Paint With Cheap Hand Tools in the linked video.

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