A new dedicated high voltage forum!

Hello everyone!

The comment sections on my website have grown long with questions, advices and solutions. So I have expanded the site with a brand new forum, on a dedicated domain.

We are a group of seasoned high voltage and electronics enthusiasts that have created a new high voltage forum and community. A modern forum software with all the possibilities there lie within a modern frame work like that.

I am hereby inviting you all and hope to see threads with your questions, your Tesla coils, your projects or what kind of things you have to write about in the forums designated categories.

This is a good chance to be among the first and help build a vital community where new people feel welcome, get help, learn and in the end become those that help others.

Join us at http://www.highvoltageforum.net

1 thought on “A new dedicated high voltage forum!”

  1. Hi…I am looking for some function generators which supply high output voltage. This is for a research so I only need 3 different brands. Of course they cannot be obsolote. They would be used for testing breakdown voltage and faults on components and electronic equipment.

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