2200 Watt server power supply for induction heating

I have constructed a 2200 Watt server power supply made from three individual server power supplies, put in series. This video shows your how to make them run and avoid short-circuit between grounded negative rails. You can check out all the induction heater related videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLw4xMO1xCMSUOj19zUmFE2-a2lcFBuzX_

This power supply was built to power a ZVS induction heater and you can check out how that went in this article and video: Chinese 1800 Watt Induction Heater, Boxed Up With Server PSU + Test

Mads Barnkob

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4 thoughts on “2200 Watt server power supply for induction heating

  1. Have a good day to all
    I m sikander naqvi from Lahore Pakistan
    I m working in this field
    Pls send me 2000 watt circuit like this
    I want to make my self
    My whatsapp no is 92 333 42 31 737
    Waiting ur quick reply
    Sikander A Naqvi

  2. I m in need of 2.5 kw 36Volts induction heater circuit for heating 30mm steel.please help me to make induction heater.

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