15000$ (1990’s) Sony 3CCD Analogue color camera giveaway! (shipping costs apply)

As a part of Dave from eevblog gave me the opportunity to reach a larger audience through the guest videos, I hoped that I found a new owner for this camera and that it would bring something good to another electronics hobbyist. Unfortunately I did not find anyone back then, so I will give it another try.

You can have this camera for free! You only have to pay for shipping costs and be within the few rules stated further down. Visit: https://highvoltageforum.net/index.php?topic=461.0

It is a Sony BVP-7AP Color Video Camera which is meant to be used with the CCU-355/P, this is the central control unit that would sit in a car with the satellite dish or be mounted in the mixer room of a studio.

It has nice viewfinder and properly a good shotgun microphone. It has a Fujinon 14x motorized zoom lens. It has 3 separate color sensors, hence the 3CCD brand, they sit in a optical filter for Red, Green and Blue.

It delivers a 720×576 lines PAL encoded signal, form the test output, the combined CCU output is a mix of picture, sound and internal communication on a special carrier frequency.

It has seen some water from bad storage, which never entered the electronics, but the UV filter behind the lens seems to have some glass pest and the exterior of the zoom lens and view finder has some aluminium corrosion. But it seems fully functional.

This is a heavy item (6kg) and shipping might be in the range of 60€ for Europe (even worse overseas), cost can vary from country to country, please ask for specific price if needed.

I will also include the DVR-USB converter and the dodgy software that came with it :)

The “contest” rules

0. Watch the video to get an idea of the electronics that is inside
1. Present a short description of a project that you want to use this camera for
2. Projects that will focus on digitalizing the analogue sensors for a new purpose will be considered front runners
3. I pick the winning idea on October 1st 2018
4. Show the result  on www.highvoltageforum.net

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