Doom 2 – Readme, on a Musical Tesla Coil

Played on my own DRSSTC2 Tesla Coil:

Learn how to build your own DRSSTC to play music:

MIDI/Music interrupters you can build yourself:

4 channel polyphonic MIDI:

1 channel compact/simple USB MIDI:

1 channel analog audio:

Learn how to build your own Tesla coil and how to make it play music through a MIDI interrupter that can connect a computer to your Tesla coil in order to play music from just the sparks alone. It can be a hard start to build a Tesla coil if you have no prior experience in doing so, I recommend that you watch my video on how I learned to build Tesla coils and the history of how I started by building small Tesla coils up to my very large Tesla coil that can make 4 meter long sparks and play music while doing so. Besides the guide that I have listed here above, I have also developed a good deal of tools that can help you design and check if your components can be used in a Tesla coil. It is important to stay within the physical and electrical limits of the components, else you are at great risk of damaging them due to Tesla coils pushing the components beyond their specifications in order to get the longest sparks for the least amount of money.

5 thoughts on “Doom 2 – Readme, on a Musical Tesla Coil”

  1. Hi Mads

    Many thanks for these details as I am considering building a DRSSTC your DRSSTC design guide will come in very handy.

    Kind regards


  2. I feel honored that you linked to my polyphonic interrupter. Thank you!

    I wanted to add that it can do way more than only 4 voices. Default is already 8 voices! And you can control not only one, but up to 6 coils with one interrupter – independantly. This makes 48 voices total.

    Considering your video, it sounds like the notes start and end rather soft. Is this from the MIDI file or has your interrupter some kind of ADSR capabilities?

    Kind regards,

  3. Hi Mads
    Many thanks for your advice. I am already a member HVF but will certainly look at starting a thread.

    Kind regards


  4. Hi Max

    By 4 channels I meant to say it could control 4 individual coils, as I also said in some of the MIDI threads, the MIDI protocol is not my strong side.
    I used the OneTesla MIDI interrupter in this video, hardly any MIDI editing before just converting it to OMD and putting it on the SD card. Details on how that interrupter works should be available here: and I can see that getting the kickstarter at 70$ was an okay deal compared to now 🙂

    Kind regards

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