Merlin Gerin Masterpact M16N1 Teardown

This is the complete destruction and teardown of the Masterpact M circuit breaker. It is normally used to protect and control low voltage distribution systems. Some of the M series primary features are: nominal current: 800 to 6300A AC. Breaking capacity from 40 to 150 kA rms. Voltage rating: up to 690 V. My previous experiments and tests with this breaker can be found below the video. I hope you will enjoy this Merlin Gerin Masterpact M16N1 Teardown.

I have previously tested the Merlin Gerin Masterpact and show the circuit schematic. I have short circuit tested the Merlin Gerin Masterpact. From those tests I have recorded slow motion video of Merlin Gerin Masterpact closing on a short circuit and how it exploded a C10A mini circuit breaker. Merlin Gerin is no longer the manufacturer of these breakers, everything is now owned and sold by Schneider Electric.

Merlin Gerin Masterpact M16N1 Pictures

On the front there is over-current protection settings to the left. In the middle charging handle and status signs. At top is the solenoids for remote operation. At the right is the timing circuit for remote switching and underneath in the left side is the motor for remote charging.

The six 800 mm2 connects to the ingoing and outgoing busbars. Each piece of busbar is exchangeable with a spare parts as these see very high wear from switching loads on and off.

The entire base plate can taken off, by loosening 8 screws. Gives access to service and exchange the terminals shown above.

The current transformers of the Masterpact M16N1 teardown are marked 1600A. I think the CT are most likely 5A output, as that is industry standard for many 50/60 Hz mains frequency current transformers.

The main CPU and controller IC of the Merlin Gerin Masterpact M series current sensing circuit is a NEC D75116. It is a 4-bit single-chip microcomputer. Provided with interface inputs/outputs with peripheral circuits having different power voltages, and analog inputs and suitable for controlling electrical equipment, etc. Minimum instruction execution time (high-speed operation): 0.95 µs (when operated at 4.19 MHz and 5 V). Many input/output ports: 58. 3-channel on-chip 8-bit timers. 8-bit on-chip serial interface and multi-interruptible vector interrupt function

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