Royer Induction Heater – First Test

First test run of the Royer induction heater. It is running with a maximum of 650 Watt power consumption. As a result thereof, there is heavy voltage sag on the DC supply. The work load being heated is a M10x20mm bolt. Further videos will be released, when improvements have been implemented.

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To learn more about different ZVS inductions heaters, check out this long and very informative forum thread over at Help for people buying the “12-48 Volt 1800/2500 Watt ZVS induction Heater”

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2 thoughts on “Royer Induction Heater – First Test

  1. How can I change the frequency output to 50/60 Hz. Range. I would like to heat copper and have been told that 50/60 Hz. range is best for small copper parts. Having it be adjustable would be even better but not totally necessary.

    Thanks !

  2. Hi Nate

    You can not operate this circuit at such a low frequency, this runs in the region of 50kHz and up. You can adjust the frequency from changing resonant capacitor and work coil number of turns.

    You can still heat copper with this setup, 50Hz is not a golden ticket to heating copper.

    Kind regards

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