Win a DRSSTC UD2.1 board for just a like/subscribe


I got two spare DRSSTC driver boards and you now have the chance to one of them home. It is a Steve Ward UD2.1 board as you see in the picture, with free shipping.

All you have to do is one or all of the following things:

  • Like my facebook page this is where you get the most frequent updates.
  • Subscribe to my youtube channel for instant updates on new videos.
  • Subscribe to my newsletter for the latest posts on this website, you can find the “Subscribe to Blog via Email” out in the right menu column.

Afterwards make a comment to this post about which service you subscribed to and use a valid email address, so that it is possible for me to contact you for shipping details if you are drawn as a winner.

There are 2 boards up for lottery, drawn as random numbers from the list of comments on this post. Winners will be announced on facebook and this website at Monday, August 22nd, 2016.


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11 thoughts on “Win a DRSSTC UD2.1 board for just a like/subscribe

  1. Hi! Subscribed to your email blog & visited & liked your FB page. I’ve been making old style spark gap coils for the past 20 years, very much intetested in ss coils now. Perfect timing!

  2. it’s not populated so winning this board would be quite a pyrrhic victory

  3. Hi Josh

    I am not much into SMD myself, but others surely have enough stock to populate this board. In the link to Steve Wards documentation there is a bill of materials for about 35$

    Kind regards

  4. I subscribed from Mad Science at Work on your facebook. This may work well as I am looking to build my next coil.


  5. A DRSSTC board, layout looks fantastic. After a few SSTC now it might be time to start Double resonate. I already have a secondary wound!

  6. I already did everything, I really need this driver board. I’m building a Drsstc and this driver is the only thing I need to finish my project. This is very exciting!!

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