Capacitor Energy Calculator

To calculate capacitor charge in Coulombs and capacitor energy in Joule, enter the rated capacitance of the capacitor and the voltage it is charged to. Switch between the input fields to automatically calculate the values.

Capacitor capacitance Microfarads
Capacitor voltage Volts
Charge in Coulombs Coulombs
Energy in Joule Joule

How to find energy stored in a capacitor

To find the energy stored in a capacitor, we need the two values capacitance and voltage. How to calculate energy stored in a capacitor with the energy stored in a capacitor formula or energy stored in a capacitor equation. With the above capacitor energy calculator using the capacitor energy equation or capacitor energy formula.

\text{Capacitor energy}=\frac{1}{2}\cdot \text{C} \cdot V^{2}

Advanced capacitor energy calculator

If you need to calculate capacitors in parallel or in series, we have a much more advanced calculator. Specific for resonant circuits here: Tesla Coil MMC calculator. With the MMC calculator, you can easily design a sturdy, cheap and suitable resonant capacitor bank. That can be used in your Tesla Coil or other series resonant circuits.

Online electronics calculators

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2 thoughts on “Capacitor Energy Calculator”

  1. Robert Lominick

    I do not have a website… I may have one someday.. I like building solar panels using
    broken and damaged solar cells from ebay..
    I am building a SGTC and need all the help I can get.. Let me tell you what I have on hand, and maybe you can suggest what I may need to make this thing put out giant high powered streamers 6 feet or longer..
    I have about 10 MOTS in all shapes and sizes.. I decided to use two big ones with voltage multiplier added.. I have about 25 of the blue 30 kv, 150 pf caps. These I bought from Information unlimited.. I also have 2, 40 KV Murata ceramic doorknob caps that may be 470 pf but not sure, multimeter is not working right last day or two… I need another one.. I have two 100 watt wire wound ceramic resistors and about 20 20-50 watt wire wound resistors.. I have wound some inductors in case I need Terry filter if I use a flyback or three… Please let me know the best thing to do with what I have… Oh, I forgot to mention I have a Variac that goes up to 140 vac at 10 amps.. Thanx, Rob

  2. Hey Robert

    I once made a solar panel from ebay scraps, I forgot what I paid, but it was cheap for 50 cells, was enough to make a panel that outputs 14VDC at 9.4 Watt. I should do a small write up on it some day 🙂

    Regarding your SGTC, I suggest you make a 4 MOT stack, search google for this, but it is something along the lines of 2 in series, 2 in parallel. Since MOTs have their secondary winding grounded to the core at one end, it is not possible to put as many as you like in series for a high voltage, then the insulation to the core would break down.

    You do not have enough capacitors to make a MMC with a high enough capacity for a MOT driven SGTC, try to look at the values that others have used with success.

    You do not need a Terry filter for a MOT, they will start smoking before dying, the Terry filter was invented to protect expensive high voltage transformers like a NST.

    Your variac might be too little, roughly 1400VA will give you up to 40 inch sparks.

    Kind regards

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