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CPU Stock Cooler Failure on My i7-4970K Rendering PC

The stock cooler for my i7-4970K CPU fell off due to a broken plastic holder, I am not sure when it happened, but my PC had been really slow for a couple of weeks and I was contemplating an upgrade as this PC is from 2009!

Please do leave suggestions for a new PC build in the comments! Good performance on a budget!

I think I have upgraded the graphics card, added more RAM and a SSD since it was first built. So as today it still sports a 4GHz i7-4970K, 16 GB PC19200 RAM, MSI with Intel Z97 chipset motherboard and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970. 250GB SSD boot drive, 1TB backup and 2TB storage. Corsair RM550 Watt PSU. All installed in a nice sound-reducing Antec cabinet as well as the TB drives are installed in noise reducing blue drive bays seen at top.

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