ABB DCS400 – 900A / 522kW DC Motor Drive Teardown

Teardown of a ABB DCS401.0900 DC motor drive. It can output an insane 900A at variable voltages, for a maximum output power of 522 kW! A very modular design by ABB, that makes almost no difference on the 2- or 4-quadrant versions of this drive.

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Inside the ABB DCS400

The interior design consists of 5 different function parts. Heat sink with fan. SCR bridge with busbars. SCR driver board. DC motor excitation coil control and a main controller board with network interface.

The controller board, SDCS-CON-3A, is populated by a lot of 74HC series IC’s. D2000 seems to be the main controller, a Renesas H8/3048 8-bit single chip microcomputer. The memory is D1800 and D1801 Cypress CY62128 1 Mbit RAM and D1802 AMD AM29F010B 1 Mbit Flash memory. The ABB DRIVES IOCC-2B 82000561 marked Atmel controller sitting at D800, seems to be a secondary microcontroller 8-bit, 8051 CPU, 30 MHz.

The driver board, SDCS-PIN-3B, is fully populated for a 4-quadrant drive, but as it can be seen with the red and yellow wires, the gate connectors are only for 2-quadrant.

DC Motor Driver Power Electronics

The large SCR bridge, of the ABB DCS400, consists of 3 Proton-Electrotex MT3-595-18-A half-bridge modules. Each SCR module is rated for 595A mean on-state current at 1600V. It can handle up to around 20kA surge on-state current at up to 10 ms! This bridge feeds the armature of the DC motor.

Certain types of DC motors needs a shunt or field excitation to control direction and speed. A 522 kW DC motor certainly needs that! This circuit is used to power the field coil.

A 522 kW drive needs some serious cooling. A 127W Ebmpapst W2E250-HL06-10 at 230VAC 50Hz.

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