Hitachi 890-2430 Deuterium UV Lamp Test and Theory

This is a short walk-through on deuterium UV lamp theory and a test of the lamp in operation from its rather special power supply. PSU failed. Lamp failed. Complete fail. The lamp comes from the teardown of a Hitachi L7450 HPLC Diode-Array-Detector. HPLC is short for High Performance Liquid Chromatography. The DAD uses UV light to detect a color spectrum through a liquid flow cell into a linear detector.

Deuterium arc lamp theory

A deuterium arc lamp creates its intense UV output from the use of “heavy hydrogen“, over regular hydrogen. A arc is formed between the filament and anode of the lamp. This excites the molecular deuterium gas to a higher energy state. UV light is released as the deuterium gas returns to its initial state. This cycle repeats inside the deuterium UV lamp as long as its supplied with enough power to maintain the arc. The filament is often fed with between 2-10 VDC and the anode needs a starting pulse above 300V to create the arc. Once the arc is established, the anode voltage can be dropped to around 70 VDC.

What is Ultra Violet lamp used for?

The strong ultra violet light created by a deuterium arc lamp is used for High Performance Liquid Chromatography. The Diode Array Detector uses UV light to detect a color spectrum through a liquid flow cell into a linear detector. It can also have uses in gas chromatography technology.

Ultra violet light also have a strong disinfection effect as it kills off bacteria and other biological life forms.

It is important to stay safe around the use of UV light. Too much exposure to the eyes can result in damages to the eyes or blindness. To much exposure to the skin can cause skin irritation and in worst cases “sun burn”. Some types of plastic will get damaged from prolonged exposure to UV light.

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