How to repair a LCD TV

In this article I show how I repaired a broken LCD TV. A few bad capacitors in the power supply is enough to ruin a large expensive TV. Right to repair is not just that you can do it yourself. Right to repair is also about having the information on how to repair it, available from the manufacturer. I was only able to make this repair because I could find a high resolution pictures of the circuit board, from where I could read out the name of the defective IC.

Read the article and gain inspiration to repair your own TV:

2 thoughts on “How to repair a LCD TV”

  1. Andrew saracevic

    i got a humax 40″ LCD television,,,,,,,Had power outage due to storm wile i was watching TV, once power came back, TV came back on with sound only, no picture just black screen,, could it be the capacitors. thanks Andrew

  2. Power surges can result in some very high voltages spikes that in worst case will kill silicon components. I would think you should be looking for blown diodes, transistors or ICs, but you could also have luck that it is only a bad capacitor that finally died from the stress of the high voltage.

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