X-ray Image Laser Scanner Reverse Engineering.

Reverse engineering of laser scanner module from a Philips / Fujifilm PCR Eleva S x-ray image scanner / digitizer. Also known as Computerized Radiography (CR), it fulfills the job of scanning a x-ray exposed image plate with a laser beam and extract each pixel illumination with a photomultiplier tube setup. Part 1 pictures and long description: https://kaizerpowerelectronics.dk/teardown/philips-pcr-eleva-s-x-ray-image-scanner-teardown/

Working with lasers require proper safety equipment to avoid damages to eyes or other parts.

If you are specifically interested in x-ray equipment and x-ray image scanners, you are in luck. I have done numerous teardowns and reverse-engineering videos on this kind of equipment. You can find all the x-ray related teardown articles and videos in the complete list of teardowns.

What is inside a x-ray image laser scanner module

A laser scanner consists of 3 main parts, laser, moving mirrors and optical lenses. The laser diode is marked with J9788H2, which is an unknown laser diode part number. The laser diode driver LDD23A is quite complex with multiple power supplies and diagnostics built into it.

The rotating hexagonal mirror is made by Sanyo, marked LS8820. It uses a LB11872H driver IC for three-phase brushless motors. The timing signals for IN1 and IN2 signals on the LB11872H is supplied by a 74HC4020 14-stage binary ripple counter.

The laser diode is driven with a LM317 constant current power supply. Configured with 80 Ohm and a 1000 Ohm potentiometer, it supplies between 1 to 15 mA. The original laser diode is most likely a 633 nm red diode rated for around 5-10 mW.

I used a green laser pen for demonstrating the optical parts is a standard office pen, to keep the demonstration as safe as possible, driving a unknown laser diode is not safe.

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