Fujifilm FCR XG-1 X-ray Scanner, Photomultiplier Tube Reverse-engineering (Part 3 of 3)

Reverse engineering of the Fujifilm PMT12A PMT module that contains the photomultiplier tube, high voltage power supply and analog amplifier from a Fujifilm FCR XG-1 x-ray image scanner / digitizer.

Also known as Computerized Radiography (CR), it fulfills the job of scanning a x-ray exposed image plate with a laser beam and extract each pixel illumination with a photo multiplier tube setup. It can scan 72 plate per hour with a maximum resolution of 7080 X 9480 in 12 bits per pixel gray scale.

Pictures and long description:

Discussion of reverse engineering:

Discussion of the part 1 and 2 teardown:

Part 1, Video:

Part 1, Pictures and long description:

Part 2, Video:

Part 2, Pictures and long description:

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