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New Youtube Channel Trailer

Channel trailer for Kaizer Power Electronics and High Voltage Forum Support the channel, join as a member here: ↝↝ Additional information and links ↜↜★ Music by Mikas: (used with commercial permission)★ T-Shirts, mugs and other merchandise:★ Electronics website:★ Facebook:★ High Voltage Forum:★ My Slow motion videos channel:★ Find …

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10,000 subscribers on Youtube and Capacitor Discharge Explosions

10,000 subscribers on Youtube and Capacitor Discharge Explosions

In a celebration of reaching 10,000 subscribers on Youtube, I blew up some pieces of wire with my 2500uF / 2kV Maxwell energy discharge capacitor storing 4kJ of energy. I also started a new dedicated slow motion video channel, please subscribe if you like to see more non-electronics videos recorded at high speeds:

Youtube subscription change, please check!

Youtube subscription changed over night! Since YouTube changed their notification setup a long while ago, you might be missing out on notifications about my new videos. Be sure to check if you have the “bell” clicked next to the subscription! Thank you 🙂 Check your subscription level here on my channel:

New Youtube channel and Google+ page!

Kaizer Power Electronics now has its own separate Youtube channel and Google+ page, so that you can follow, subscribe and comment on just those topics related to Tesla coils, high voltage and electronics that you so desire 🙂 Please subscribe to the new Youtube channel at: Kaizer Power Electronics on Youtube And remember there is …

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