2W UCL82 SE tube amplifier


I got a very old TV from a colleague, it had been stored in his parents attic for almost 30 years. It was huge and ruined from the time it was stored, so he only brought me the electronics which mainly was produced in Denmark. It did not contain PCBs, only bird nest wiring between tube sockets and plugs.

I scavenged the different parts for among other things: AC flyback transformer, tubes, sockets, plugs and resistors. All the capacitors was worthless due to age.

I decided to reconstruct a tube amplifier from the power transformer, output transformer, tubes, sockets and resistors from the TV set.



WARNING!: Working with electricity is dangerous, all information found on my site is for educational purpose and I accept no responsibility for others actions using the information found on this site.

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The output transformer is a single end transformer and as I only had one, it was going to be a mono amplifier with only one output tube.

WARNING: The power transformer is more of a autotransformer as the primary and secondary are not isolated, so grounding the secondary neutral is not possible, this can result in dangerous situations and the mains neutral is also the neutral for audio input!



I found a old schematic that had a good resemblance with the components I had from the TV set, the original schematic can be seen here.

Here is a redrawn schematic with a few changes, tone and volume control is left out since they did not work as intended and only brought a lot of noise and squeaking into the amplifier. I used a UCL82 tube instead of the ECL82, the difference is the heater voltage where I use 50V instead of 6,3V.

I first made a test setup to tinker with the amplifier, not very pretty or for that matter, safe.

The amplifier was built into a stainless steel box that was thrown out due to a damaged lid, so I used the lid as a bottom plate and installed the transformers, capacitors and circuits on this, the box comes on as the entire enclosure. Only the single tube is left outside the box along with the different jacks on the backside.

The original Telefunken UCL82 tube made in Germany.

The complete amplifier as it stands today.



I reached my goal that was to build a tube amplifier from the parts I had already at hand. I only spent money on some proper speaker and input connectors.

This small 2 Watt amplifier is capable of playing real loud and the many different types of the triode/pentode xCL82 tubes like PCL82, ECL82 etc. makes for good small amplifiers or for headphone amplifiers.



Demonstrating a audio amplifier is something that can only be done experiencing the amplifier in person, but you will have to do with this video of my amplifier playing.