Donation and is two of my largest websites and the funding for these is my way of giving back to the world what I have learned from others. There is however still very nice people outthere that want to support these sites and you can do so by a different means.


Donate crypto currencies:

Bitcoin (minimum 0.001): 3D3AsnrbS5wvHAK8qhHXNKWuT6Pq7E7Gpb

Litecoin (minimum 0.01): LMFn6RsDcd66ye26CqyseJUcANXRSe7xuW

Dogecoin (minimum 50): DK5pYs76ERMiGYRPx4xt3AjMWSxXXThfxV

Zcash (minimum 0.01): t1TxTkWwaTS4ieXkXES4NjjQToJcACmDUrj

Get your own crypto currency for free

If you want to learn about crypto currencies and do not want to put real money into it, here is how you can get a little for free, enough to learn the basics of cloud mining and trading. The following is how to get around 100 doge/week from 5 faucets, read these details, all I ask in return is that you use my referral links as a thank.

First make a microwallet at this is needed to use the moon faucets, it is a free wallet with zero/very low fees for withdraw. Doge is free f.ex.

Now visit each of these faucets and enter the email you used for and they are added to your microwallet automatically.

Moon bitcoin:

Moon dogecoin:

Moon litecoin:

Moon dashcoin:

Moon bitcoin cash:

The faucets recharge very fast to begin with, so there is 0.1 doge after 1 hour, 0.2 doge after 3 hours and 0.4 doge after 6 hours, so the more often you claim, the more you get 🙂

When you have gathered enough of the 5 different coins, convert them all to litecoin and when you are above 0.002 LTC you can withdraw them for free to any wallet or use it for cloud mining on Eobot cloud mining, that releases new Antminer S15 GHS5.0 in February 2019:

You can also earn between 0.1 to 3$ for doing online surveys, which can be paid out to your doge or bitcoin adresses at either coinpot or eobot. Sign up here:

Or just keep this page open to mine dogecoin directly for me in this plugin: