Teardown of a IBM Blade server HS22V

Here I am doing a teardown on a IBM HS22V blade server dated back to 2010.

The IBM BladeCenter HS22V blade server supports up to two multi-core Intel Xeon microprocessors and has eighteen memory-module slots, two SSD storage-drives bays, one Horizontal-compact-form-factor (CFFh) expansion card connector, one Vertical-combination-I/O (CIOv) connector, and one internal USB connector.


  • Supports up to two multi-core Intel Xeon E/X 55/5600 series microprocessors


  • 18 dual inline memory module (DIMM) connectors
  • Type: Very Low Profile (VLP) double-data rate (DDR3) DRAM. Supports 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB DIMMs with up to 288 GB of total memory on the system board

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