My Equipment

Here is a list of the different electrical equipment I have in my possession.

Power Supplies

Likriktare ESP630, 2 – 57 VDC 25 A



0 – 230 V, 12A, housed, single phase

0 – 260 V, 8A, housed with Volt/Ampere meters, single phase

0 – 230 V, 6A, housed stack of 3 for 400 V in Delta connection, three phased

0 – 230 V, 25A, housed stack of 3 with motor control for 400 V in Delta connection, three phased



Application BS-310S, 2 channel, 15 Mhz, dual trace, analog

Rigol DS1052E, 2 channel, 50 Mhz, digital storage oscilloscope


Oscilloscope related equipment

Tektronix P5200 differential probe

Tektronix A6909, 2 channel high voltage isolator

Pearson Current monitor model 110 (5kA)

Pearson Current monitor model 101 (50kA)


Signal generators

Hewlett Packard 3310A Function generator

Hewlett Packard 3325A Synthesizer / function generator


Other test equipment

Hewlett Packard 8903A Audio Analyzer

uTracer3 vacuum tube / valve tester

Handheld 30kV analouge voltmeter



Fluke 8842A table multimeter

Fluke  117 True RMS multimeter

Elma BM805 Digital Multimeter

LCR Meter, cheapest I could find off of Ebay, good accuracy to the price.



Weller WECP-20 soldering iron

5 Responses to My Equipment

  1. Radu says:

    I’ve been considering getting a Rigol DS1052e myself.

    How is your experience with this device?

    Did you do the mod for 100MHz?

  2. Mads Barnkob says:

    I am very satisfied with the physical quality and speed of the scope, compared with brand scopes with the same specifications, its a bargain to the price.

    Only downside I have encountered is the save data on a USB pen drive, it only works with certain USB pens and is not really reliable, only toyed with it once and left it since.

    I mostly work below 1 MHz, so I have no need to mod the scope 🙂

  3. The Rigol DS1052E is a fantastic piece of equipment to have! I don’t have any problems with the USB interface of it, all of my USB’s worked on it so far 🙂

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