Kaizer DRSSTC III update #5 – First full power light!

The first full power light sparks have been flown and the results was more than satisfying!

See the videos and pictures in the full article!

Mads Barnkob

Electrician, programmer, experimenter and amateur scientist with experience in industry automation, programming and all kinds of high voltage generating electronics. Administrator of www.kaizerpowerelectronics.dk and the high voltage community forum www.highvoltageforum.net

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2 thoughts on “Kaizer DRSSTC III update #5 – First full power light!

  1. Hi Ben

    It might have a scare effect, but it is not even as effective as a regular electric fence due to the high frequency of the current.

    But it is loud, scary and will hurt if you ever got hit 🙂 I do however think that this is not legal to use as a defense mechanism.

    Kind regards

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