How to build a Tesla coil. Design, theory and compromises!

A live broadcast that I did on Sunday, February 4, 2018 with focus on designing Tesla coils with special focus on the DRSSTC topology.

Questions about the Tesla coil theory and design tools can be asked during the broadcast and I will answer them to my best knowledge 🙂

DRSSTC design guide:

MMC calculator:
Helical coil calculator:
Spiral coil calculator:
Gate drive calculator:
Snubber capacitor calculator:

Helical, spiral and topload calculators:

SSTC theory:

JavaTC, best Tesla coil calculator around:

GDT design:
GDT troubleshooting:

Steve Ward Universal Driver 1.3:
Steve Ward Universal Driver 2.1b:

Steve Ward:
Mads Barnkob:

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