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Teardown of Danfoss VLT6000 4kW Variable Frequency Drive

A teardown of a Danfoss VLT6000 4kW VFD, a run down of the current paths in the system and I show which parts I find to have a value. Datasheet on the unit: https://www.danfoss.com/en/products/ac-drives/dds/vlt-and-vacon-legacy-drives/vlt-6000/#tab-overview

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Kone elevator 45 kW motor drive teardown

This is a Kone KM997160 variable frequency motor drive that is developed and used for elevators.  Kone has a long history of their own motor drives that came in more or less atypical enclosures compared to other variable frequency drives. … Continue reading

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Teardown – Schneider Electric frequency inverter ALTIVAR71

I picked up two of there 5.5kW frequency inverters from a scrap yard. Both assumed to be thrown out due to malfunction. I took them home to dismantle them for parts to use in other projects. First we have the … Continue reading

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Coil winding machine

Introduction A coil winder is essential when it comes to making a beautiful coil on large forms. It takes considerable less time to wind large coils and varnishing the coils while they are rotating gives a much better finish. Considerations Control … Continue reading

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