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Variable Isolation Transformer – Isolation, Day 30

Teardown of a variable transformer, which provides a variable voltage and isolation. Single phase 1x250V @ 3A.

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Variacs, Auto-, Vario- and Isolation Transformers – Isolation, Day 28

I give a short introduction to the differences between autotransformers, variable autotransformers and variable transformers. I show my collection of 7 variacs/variotransformers in the range from 1x260V @ 2A to 3x400V @ 25A along with a 3x400V 10kVA isolation transformer. … Continue reading

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Finished project: 3 phase 13A Lübcke variac

Yesterday I conducted the first successful resistive load test of a 3 phase 13 A variac stack that has been enhanced with safety and monitoring options. Read all about the construction and see all the pictures and video demonstration here.

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3 phase 13A Lübcke variac

Introduction On a junk yard I found a badly damaged enclosure containing a 3 phase 13 A variac, 10 kVA isolation transformer and 6 large stud diodes in a 3 phase full bridge rectifier configuration. It was not possible to … Continue reading

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Power supplies

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My Equipment

Here is a list of the different electrical equipment I have in my possession. Power Supplies Likriktare ESP630, 2 – 57 VDC 25 A Danica dual 0-30 VDC 2 A bench power supply   Variacs 0 – 230 V, 12A, … Continue reading

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