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100 Watt 6P45S amplifier update #2

The latest update to the 100 Watt 6P45S tube amplifier is about a lot of testing and fault finding have gone into the tube amplifier to correct noise and hum issues. It is now in a state where the audio amplifier itself … Continue reading

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100 Watt output from 6P45S tube amplifier

The latest update to the 100 Watt 6P45S tube amplifier is the measurements of frequency response from square waves and bandwidth measurements. The prototype is now considered done as it has proved itself capable of outputting 210 Watt peak before … Continue reading

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50W 6P45S monoblock tube amplifier

Introduction The main reason for building a new set of amplifiers came with purchasing a set of old studio monitors, the legendary JBL 4333. These 75 Watt speakers with 15″ bass drivers needed a amplifier that could deliver some more … Continue reading

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2x30W EL34 tube amplifier

Published on: Oct 11, 2011. Last updated: July 27, 2018. Introduction Ever since building the 2W single ended tube amplifier, I wanted to build something better, something that is considered a good amplifier among tube amplifier enthusiast. It is in … Continue reading

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Nixie tube clock

Introduction Like many other people that have seen nixie tubes I got drawn towards wanting to have my own nixie tube clock. Prices on tubes, sockets, transformers and everything else is pretty steep due to their rarity on the exotic … Continue reading

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2W UCL82 SE tube amplifier

Introduction I got a very old TV from a colleague, it had been stored in his parents attic for almost 30 years. It was huge and ruined from the time it was stored, so he only brought me the electronics … Continue reading

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Kaizer VTTC I

Introduction A VTTC is a Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil and it uses vacuum tubes / valves for the oscillator that is self biasing from a grid leak circuit. I chose to build a VTTC because the operation and components were … Continue reading

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