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Nokia Siemens Networks Flexi WCDMA teardown: integrated Doherty amplifier (part 5)

Nokia Siemens Networks Flexi Multiradio BTS is a GSM/EDGE, WCDMA/(I-)HSPA, and LTE base station for use in mobile telecommunication antenna networks. A network that you use daily on your cellphone. Teardown of a NXP BLD6G22L-150 integrated Doherty amplifier from a … Continue reading

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Transistor base resistor calculator

Here is a calculator for transistor base resistor values. Its IMPORTANT that you read the following. Calculate the current you need to pass through the transistor when its on, that is your collector current. The current gain, beta, Hfe, is … Continue reading

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2n3055 flyback driver

Introduction This driver is among the simplest, with just six components it will be able of delivering high voltage with a strong enough current for various experiments. There is also a push-pull version of this driver, more on that can … Continue reading

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